You finally did it — you have decided to invest in a pool for your home! Go on, take a moment to celebrate. This is an exciting time for you and your entire family. A pool is a great investment and a wonderful addition to any home. Not only can it add value, but it also gives you a place to make memories with your kids and enjoy time with friends.

Now that you are a new pool owner, there are a few things you need to know! Whether you have owned a pool before or this is your first time as a pool owner, we believe that you should understand a few things about your pool in order to keep it looking great and in tip-top condition.

At AquaDek Pools in Central Florida, we sell and install above ground pool from Kayal Pools that are a beautiful and fun addition to any yard. We know that pools are a great investment for your home and your family will absolutely love it! As pool experts, we want to give you some information to help you better understand your pool’s components. Read on to learn more and start enjoying your pool now.

Know The Parts

When you first get a pool, it is important that you learn and understand the parts and components that make up your pool. When you understand the parts and how they work, you will be better able to provide proper maintenance and keep your pool in great shape.

The key components that can be found in most pools include:

  • Main drains: Main drains sit at the floor of the pool and pull water from the pool’s floor and move it to the filter.
  • Skimmer- Skimmers are located on the pool’s surface and look like a swinging door. It skims floating debris into the basket located behind the swinging door. Above ground pools generally, do not have skimmers.
  • Filter: The filter catches smaller particles and dirt floating around the pool. Filters help keep your pool water clean and healthy.
  • Pump: The pump moves water throughout the entire system. Water is sucked through the pump strainer basket and then works its way through the filter as it leaves the pump.
  • Chlorinator: These come in a variety of forms but the most common is an automatic chemical feeder or a salt chlorine generator. Chlorinators are used to feed chemicals as water makes its way through the pump and filters back into the pool, it passes through the chlorinator, which helps sanitize the pool.
  • Return lines: These small inlets in the pool wall takes the filtered and chlorinated water and returns it to the pool water.
  • Heaters: This is an optional feature that is used to heat the pool water. It is likely you don’t want a heater in your Florida pool.

These components of a pool work together to keep your pool clean, healthy, and safe to swim in and enjoy. This is why it is important to understand how these parts work.

The Chemicals

To keep your pool clean and sanitized, chemicals are a must. There are many different types of chemicals that you can use, which we will go over more in depth in a future blog.

There are a few different categories of pool chemicals that you may need, which include:

  • Sanitizers: These include chlorine, bromine, biguanide, and ionization.
  • Water balances: These include pH increasers and decreasers, alkalinity increaser, calcium hardness increaser, and more.
  • Specialty chemicals: These include algaecides, clarifiers, filter cleaners, enzymes, and more.
  • Oxidizers: These include calcium hypochlorite, chlorine free short, and lithium shock.

It may take a bit of research to fully understand your pool and the chemicals you need. Testing your water regularly can help you determine which chemicals need to be added to keep your pool clean and sanitized.

At AquaDek Pools, we can provide you with a stunning above ground pool that your entire family will love. As a new pool owner, you want to be able to care for your pool as well as possible, understanding the parts and the chemicals is a great place to start! Contact us to learn more about our pool installation services and get started on your pool plans today.