When you begin to plan to add a pool to your landscaping, you will likely picture a regular pool — one that is flush with the earth and has stairs leading down into the water. While there is nothing wrong with this type of pool, it is a huge project that involves digging up your yard and weeks of installing. Inground pools may be the right option for some homes, but another option that has some advantages over traditional pools are above ground pools!

Above ground pools are a great option for many homes and families. They certainly can provide some benefits that inground pools can’t provide. At AquaDek Pools, we install above ground swimming pools Kayak Pools. With stair and deck options, you can customize your pool in a variety of ways. If you are interested in adding an above ground pool to your home, be sure to contact AquaDek Pools! We will give you an estimate on your pool and help you learn more about the different pool options you have.

For now, we are going to discuss some of the benefits that above ground pools have to offer you and why you should consider this pool style as you begin to plan your home’s new addition.

Less Installation Process

When it comes to traditional, inground pools, there is a lot that goes into the installation process. To get started, you need to plan where your pool will be located, determine how much of your yard you want to dig up, make sure you won’t be digging up any pipes or cables, and get someone to come and dig your hole. While an above ground pool will take up just as much space as an inground pool, you do not have to tear apart your entire yard to have it installed. Depending on the material of the inground pool you choose, your pool could take six weeks or longer to fully install and be ready to use.

When it comes to above ground pools, the installation process will include much less effort. While you still have to think about where in your yard you want the pool and how much space it will take up, you won’t have to worry about getting a giant pit dug in your yard or making sure you don’t hit pipes or cables. Installing the actual pool will also not take nearly as long as an inground pool installation. This means you will be ready to enjoy your pool sooner!

Less Permanent

While it is possible to get rid of an inground pool, it is a huge hassle. While you can get creative with other uses for your swimming pool, you will most likely want to remove it completely. This is a huge project that involves demolishing the structure, removing debris, and filling the hole with tons of dirt, which can all add up and become very pricey.

An above ground pool has the advantage of being less permanent. If you ever decide to remove your pool, it will not be nearly the headache that removing a traditional pool is. The water will simply need to be drained and someone will have to disassemble the pool to be removed. No hole has to be filled, no structures have to be demolished, and you will not have to spend thousands of dollars on the removal of your swimming pool.

Easy Maintenance

Another huge benefit of above ground pools is that they are much easier to keep properly maintained and clean. How does that make sense? Well, an above ground pool has none of the components underground, which means everything is easily accessible. If you ever run into an issue with some aspect of your pool, you will be able to simply have it repaired or repair it yourself.

When it comes to an inground pool, all of the important components are beneath the ground, making it much more difficult to get to the parts that need to be fixed. If something breaks or becomes faulty in your inground pool, more work is required in order to get to the parts and more skill is needed to fix whatever the issue is.


As a parent, you are always worried about your child’s safety, which may be why you have waited so long to add a pool to your home. While many families, especially around Florida, have pools and kids grow up swimming daily, you want to be careful about your little ones when it comes to the pool. With inground pools, there is a chance that your little one could wander into the yard and accidentally slip in the pool, while you could take certain safety precautions to ensure this doesn’t occur, an above ground pool may be a better choice.

Above ground pools are not as easily accessible for your children. If you want to keep your kiddos out of the pool area while you are not watching, you can simply add a child-proof gate to the stairs so that they cannot get into the pool area unless you are with them. This means they are less likely to fall in when no one is around. Kayak Pools also come with a railing around the edge of the deck, meaning that you don’t have to worry about anyone falling off the deck either. You will have an easier time regulating your child’s activity around the pool when you choose an above ground pool.

Looks Great

We know that inground pools look great too, especially once the landscaping is complete around the pool. But we wanted to talk about choosing a Kayak Pool from AquaDek Pools over other above ground pools. When you choose to have us install your Kayak Pool, you are choosing a beautiful above ground pool option. These pools include a deck that is built around the pool, as well as stairs, which gives these pools a unique and classy look. Unlike other above ground pools, which can sometimes look cheap and tacky, Kayak Pools can provide your landscaping with a beautiful addition. Be sure to check out our gallery to see some of our Kayak Pools for yourself!

These are a few of the main benefits that come with choosing an above ground pool for your home. If you are interested in an above ground Kayak Pool from AquaDek Pools, be sure to contact us! We will answer any questions you may have, help you plan your swimming pool, teach you more about our pool financing options, and start working on your above ground pool! We install above ground pools in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.